Panzer Arms Semi-Auto Bullpup Shotgun 18.5 Barrel 12GA


Panzer Arms Semi-Auto Bullpup Shotgun 18.5 Barrel 12GA for sale | Panzer Arms Semi-Auto Bullpup Shotgun 18.5″ Barrel 12GA

The latest generation of your favorite tactical bullpup shotgun is finally here! This all-new Panzer Arms BP-12 Gen 2 is slimmer, lighter, and more maneuverable than ever before. A bullpup shotgun platform offers shooters more advantages compared to a traditional platform considering it is more compact, making it ideal for close-quarters work and home defense. This BP-12 is chambered in hard-hitting 12GA, and the gas system is designed for cycling shells reliably regardless of load size. This model also features an ergonomic pistol grip and cheek rest, allowing you to tuck this shotgun in tightly for better recoil absorption. This model is also magazine-fed, which is excellent for quick reloads and faster follow up shots. This model also comes standard with flip-up sights and an angled foregrip making this shotgun ready to rock right out of the box. Also featured are Picitanny rails that make mounting accessories of your choosing a breeze.


Country of Manufacture: Turkey

License Requirement: FFL

Manufacturer: Panzer Arms

Caliber/Gauge: 12 GA

Action: Semi Automatic

Barrel Length: 18.5″

Threaded Barrel: No

Condition: New


UPC 8682419000141

Barrel Length
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