WBP Poland Mini Jack .556/.223 Pistol

  • Manufactured by WBP Rogow Poland
  • .556 / 223 semi auto
  • MJ556SR
  • All new quality Polish parts
  • Forged Polish Barrel Trunnion
  • Bolt carrier is fully machined from hammer forged steel
  • Polish Import markings on Receiver
  • Collectible Matching Numbers on parts
  • Polish Eagle marking on rear sight block
  • 4150 Nitride Treated  10 inch barrel
  • 14×1 Left hand threads with welded muzzle nut
  • Weight approx 5.75 pounds empty
  • 19 Inches in Length
  • Beautiful Black finish
  • AK Side Rail for Optic Mounts
  • Polish Laminated front handguard
  • Original Polish Fire Control groups
  • SBR Friendly with Virgin Underfolder Trunnion, requires final machining to install underfolder

WBP Rogow has created the semi-auto.556/.223 AKM Pistol, the WBP Mini Jack MJ556SR AK 47 Pistol. With the WBP Lynx series and Mini Jack Pistols, Poland is continuing to be a leader in quality firearms manufacturing. These pistols combine old-school Kalashnikov build methods with modern machinery to produce one of the best AK’s on the market. The Mini Jack is a combination of Polish manufacturing excellence, a mil-spec forged barrel trunnion and a beautifully finished bolt & carrier that yields one of the finest AK pistols currently on the market. The Mini Jack was designed to be a high quality flexible base chassis offering the end client room to customize the firearm to meet their needs

The AK47 pistol comes loaded with premium features that are not available in other AK 47 pistols. This pistol features the traditional side rail to mount AK optics. This is a Polish gun that collectors will love. It has matching numbers on the receiver, the trunnion and other parts. This pistol is a great choice to add a SB Tactical pistol brace, or NFA stock for a Short barreled rifle. With minimal recoil, the pistol can fire the readily-available.556 and.223 rounds with amazing accuracy.

These pistols come complete with a virgin underfolder rear trunnion, which allows users to add an underfolder stock to their SBR build, after final machining to the trunnion, receiver and of course and approved Form 1 from ATF. A one-piece front sight block is threaded to 14×1 for your favorite muzzle device. A 1-year Limited Warranty is included. If you require more WBP .556 and FB Radom.556 mags, they can be purchased separately

Customized pistol in photos shown as an example of what you could do, Pistol does not come with extra accessories shown such as suppressor, brace, optic and red wood stock set

Important Information

It is your responsibility to be familiar with your current local gun laws BEFORE placing your order. You must talk to your FFL BEFORE you place your order, to make sure they will handle the transfer & legality of the firearm in your area. Please feel free to email us with questions you may have.


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