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AK47 Rifle Hungarian AK63F BFPU

  • Imported AK63F Parts
  • FB Radom Hammer Forged Chrome Line Barrel
  • Childers CG1 Receiver
  • Hungarian safety markings
  • 14 x 1 left hand barrel threads
  • Bayonet lug
  • Side rail for Optics mounts
  • Hungarian wood stock set
  • Battlefield pick up finish

Hungarian AK63F is a rare model with very few imported into the US. This series was almost identical to the Soviet built AKM/AKMS rifles. Chambered in 7.62×39 the AK-63, also known as the AMM is a Hungarian version of the AKM assault rifle that was manufactured in Hungary by the FEG state weapons plant. Hungarian  Forces currently use it as an infantry weapon and most branches of the Hungarian Defense Forces. The AK-63 series replaces the well known Hungarian AMD-65 rifle. Iraq was a large customer of the AK-63 and used during both Gulf Wars and also seen on the nightly news footage of troops surrendering their AK rifles to Coalition forces. These current rifles are built from original imported parts kits coupled with a new FB Radom hammer forged barrel & Childers CG1 Receiver. The combination of Unique parts and quality of build make this a rare rifle model for your AK collection. The rifles are built by the knowledgeable gunsmiths @ Rock Arms MFG and each rifle is test fired and checked for straightness. Please note these are built with surplus parts and will show signs of character. Finish is battlefield pick up. Comes with a 1 year warranty and 1-30 round magazine.

Important Information

It is your responsibility to be familiar with your current local gun laws BEFORE placing your order. You must talk to your FFL BEFORE you place your order, to make sure they will handle the transfer & legality of the firearm in your area. Please feel free to email us with questions you may have.


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